Companies Eyrir Sprotar has invested in

eTactica has developed new techniques to measure and manage energy usage. The company offers sophisticated energy management hardware solutions, based on its patented metering technology, and applies Activity Stream software for sophisticated user interface.


SagaNatura is a vertically integrated biotech company which has developed a uniquie patented technology to cultivate microalgae. SagaNatura focuses on development, production and export of health product from sustainably produced microalgae and wild-crafted Icelandic plants.

Aurora Abalone combine pure Icelandic resources with innovative vertical technology to farm premium abalone of exceptional quality.

Ymir Technologies has accumulated unique technological know-how and expertise in the field of environmentally and economically efficient transformation of bio-waste to marketable products.

Cooori wants to advance language learning by making better use of all of the incredibly advanced technology and knowledge that is available now, starting with teaching English to Japanese.

Handpoint provides secure payments for next generation Point of Sale. Merchants that are moving from stand-alone cash registers to tablet or smartphone based checkout systems benefit greatly from Handpoint´s global, pre-certified payments platform and card readers.

Activity Stream is an operational intelligence platform that gives companies full overview of their business / operations in real-time and delivers actionable intelligence and insights. Activity Stream combines enterprise activity streams with artificial intelligence to create the next generation productivity tool for small and medium enterprises.