Handpoint, the award-winning Icelandic FinTech provider powering NextGen POS by offering enabling hardware and software, has announced its expansion to the US in the wake of the EMV liability shift with investment from Icelandic VCs Eyrir Sprotar and Frumtak.

Handpoint makes it easy to deploy turnkey NextGenPOS with enabling software: a complete, cloud-based platform with pre-certified EMV, minimising PCI-scope with exceptional security and a full set of multi-platform APIs for ISVs. Handpoint then closes the loop with enabling hardware: mobile, contactless/NFC-enabled devices for merchants.

While commonplace in the rest of the world, EMV is new to the U.S. and it shall only now become a requirement. Handpoint’s technology will allow payment market players to offer merchants the opportunity to shift from antiquated software systems accompanying the non-secure magstripe payments solutions to the modern, mobile, relationship enhancing solutions of NextGen POS while getting to EMV.

Handpoint is a veteran and pioneer in FinTech and we’ve learned a lot about a busy space – Payments. The US is about to see major long overdue changes  and with strong partners such as EVO and a few others in the works, Handpoint is perfectly poised to act as the glue between the many players of the industry. We’re looking forward to unveiling a few surprises and to challenging the debate in Las Vegas at Money2020.”
The 2 Million investment round is, aside from an US expansion fund, a vote of full confidence that the NextGenPOS, with its immense benefits in terms of merchant-customer relationship is the future of retail interaction.”

David Gudjonsson, Payments Evangelist and CEO, Co-Founder of Handpoint

About Handpoint:

Headquartered in Iceland with offices in the UK and USA, Handpoint powers NextGenPOS by offering enabling hardware and software to the payments industry. Handpoint has pioneered major innovations in the mobile payments market, including developing an mPOS (mobile point-of-sale) solution with EMV payments and has won multiple awards for the high pace of innovation in developing their backend and frontend enabling platform.

About Eyrir Sprotar and Frumtak Ventures:

Eyrir is an international investor with focus on potential global market leaders while Frumtak Ventures who is a previous investor in Handpoint is an Icelandic investor with FinTech experience in high growth technology players.