Kristin Petursdottir has been appointed CEO of InfoMentor, a leading provider of Learning Management Solutions in Europe.

InfoMentor has grown rapidly in recent years and is now operating in five countries in Europe. Aside from the headquarters in Iceland it has offices in Sweden, Germany, Switzerland and the UK. InfoMentor is a leading player in curriculum-focused Learning Management Systems. The company employs 50 professionals and supports 1200 schools. Kristin will lead further expansion in international markets. Vilborg Einarsdottir, Mentor’s founder and CEO will continue to play a key role in the company as VP of Business Development.

Mentor is backed by strong investors. Aside from founders and staff, the owners are Eyrir Sprotar, Frumtak, NSA, and LEAF Investment. Mentor has secured financing to support further expansion of the company where the main emphasis is on sales and marketing. Eyrir will lead this round of financing.

Kristin Petursdottir is one of the two founders and ex-CEO of Audur Captial. Kristin was the CEO of Audur Captial from its foundation in 2007 until 2013 when she became the Chairman of the Board. Audur Capital merged with Virding early 2014 and Kristin is now the Chairman of the merged company. Kristin was Deputy CEO of Kaupthing Singer and Friedlander in London 2005-2006 and Managing Director of Treasury at Kaupting Bank 1997-2005. Prior to joining Kaupthing Kristin worked at Statoil in Norway, Íslandsbanki and Skeljungur.

Kristin has a BA in Economics from University of Iceland and a masters degree in international business from Handelshöyskolen in Bergen, Norway

“Mentor is an extremely exciting company that works in an international market that will grow and transform in coming years. The digital revolution in education is lagging behind many other industries, both in the solutions present and the IT investment but that is changing fast. Mentor is in a very interesting position built on the knowledge and experience that has been built up in Iceland and Sweden over the last 15 years. I really look forward to take part in the continuing growth and expansion alongside all the outstanding people that have built InfoMentor up to where it is now” said Kristin.

“InfoMentor is at crossroads. Ahead are exciting times of growth where we will strengthen our position in existing markets and open new ones. For this we need a powerful team. It is a great asset to get Kristin as a new CEO with all her knowledge and experience. I really look forward to work with her and be able to focus on opening new markets and strengthening InfoMentor’s position as a leading Learning Management System” said Vilborg Einarsdóttir the founder of InfoMentor.