• Increased activities in international markets
  • SagaPro is receiving increased awareness and attention globally
  • The global market for natural products and natural medicine is growing fast

Lilja Dögg Stefánsdóttir, previously the Sales- and marketing manager for Pfizer in Iceland, has been appointed CEO of SagaMedica as of 1 November 2015. Lilja replaces Perla Björk Egilsdóttir who has led the company since 2013. Lilja says the new position is a great challenge as the market for natural medicine and other natural products is growing fast and that the company will put increased emphasis on international marketing as its products are already well established in Iceland.

Since its foundation, SagaMedica has been a leading company in Iceland’s natural product industry. The company’s uniqueness is its use of the Icelandic Angelica herb in its production. SagaPro and Voxis are established products on the Icelandic market and the company’s products are already being marketed internationally. Increased emphasis on international marketing is the driver for the current changes in the company’s structure.

Þórður Magnússon, chairman of the Board of SagaMedica, says that the company’s focus during the last few years has been on increasing the company’s technical competences, product development and positioning. Now a new chapter in the company’s history is about to begin with increased focus towards growth and establishment of distribution channels, international marketing and sales as the company’s prospects internationally are great.

SagaMedica has enjoyed success in its product development and the company’s products can improve the quality of life of millions of people globally. We have great ambition for the company’s growth” says Þórður.

Lilja Dögg has wide experience from the pharmaceutical industry. Lilja has been the Sales- and marketing manager for Pfizer Iceland for the past 2 years. Previously Lilja worked for Actavis for almost 11 years, located in Switzerland for the last 3 years with Actavis where she was the director of Sales and marketing for Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.

I am looking forward to taking on new challenges at SagaMedica and to continue their innovative work. SagaMedica is an interesting and exciting company which is leading in the field of research, development and production of natural products from Icelandic herbs. SagaPro, one of SagaMedica’s most popular products, is, for example, the first Icelandic natural products to undergo clinical trials” says Lilja. Furthermore, this is a great opportunity as the global market for natural medicine and other natural products is large and growing fast. However, increased demand for research and quality cannot be overlooked. “The company already has an established foothold in Iceland. Our next steps are to improve our position in markets where SagaMedica’s products are already being sold, i.e. the United States and Canada, as well as establish sales and distribution channels in other international markets. At the same time we will continue to build upon SagaMedica’s established research work and impressive knowledge of the company’s scientists to increase the knowledge of existing products and development of new products” Lilja adds.

Perla Björk Egilsdóttir, current CEO has been with SagaMedica since 2008, first as director of marketing, assuming the role of CEO in 2013. She was instrumental in the first clinical trial of SagaPro. “I want to sincerely thank Perla for her work for the last few years. Under her leadership the company has been transformed, taking the first steps in important markets such as the United States, Canada, Sweden and Finland” says Þórður.