Mission & Strategy

Investment Strategy

Eyrir Sprotar´s Investment Policy reflects its managements experience, knowledge and passion.

Eyrir Sprotar´s investment strategy spans all stages of a company´s growth, from seed capital to funding early-stage companies as well as partaking in international growth. We are flexible in the amount we invest but place strong emphasis on taking the role of a lead investor. An integral part of our investment philosophy is to provide hands on operational support to management with a strong focus on strategic development.

Investment Criteria

When analyzing potential investment, the investment criteria is based on:

  • Competitive advantage based on technology, factor of production or intellect
  • Feasibility of an idea for international markets
  • Potential growth
  • Intellectual Property rights
  • Founder´s competence
  • Realistic expectations
  • The potential to fund the project in phases
  • That Eyrir Sprotar has experience and/or knowledge to contribute to the investment
  • That Eyrir Sprotar becomes the driving investor in the investment

Working with our Investments

The role of Eyrir Sprotar in venture investments is clear:

  • Work with management in setting a winning strategy
  • To support management in execution of the strategy
  • Ensure that products get standardized
  • Support development of the distribution network
  • Emphasize a move to a recurring revenue model