New Hires Will Bring ReMake’s Energy Monitoring Solution and International Business Strategy to a New Level.

ReMake Electric is happy to announce the hiring of Mr. Finnur Gudmundsson as the new VP of Sales and Marketing and Dr. Kristjan Gudmundsson, as the new CTO. Finnur Gudmundsson will be leading the Sales and Marketing division, which involves overseeing all international and business development initiatives. Kristján Gudmundsson has accepted the role of CTO and will be in charge of both software and hardware development, including the future of the eTactica product line.

Finnur Gudmundsson holds an MBA from the University of South Australia and a B.S. in Marketing from the University of North Carolina in the USA. He is currently the Sales and Service Manager at Vörður, an Icelandic insurance company. Before this, he was the CEO of a procurement company located in Hong Kong. He has over 15 years of international business, sales, marketing, supply chain, and project management experience. Additionally, has worked extensively with many companies and customers across Europe, the USA, and Canada. Finnur Gudmundsson was also the CEO for Skymax Latin America and successfully set up Skymax subsidiaries throughout Latin America and developed strategic partnerships. Skymax is a large LED screen manufacturer with a strong international market share.

“Finnur will be leading the Sales and Marketing division and oversee all business development activities. His extensive international experience and expertise will be extremely valuable in shaping ReMake’s business strategy as we continue to expand our global network,” says CEO of ReMake Electric, Ína Björk Hannesdóttir.

Finnur Gudmundsson says, “I am extremely excited to join the ReMake team, an innovative company driven to offering cutting edge energy management solutions. I look forward to starting a new adventure, full of great opportunities.”

Kristján Gudmundsson holds a PhD degree from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in mechanical engineering. He recently returned to Iceland after having spent many years abroad, both in the US and the Netherlands. He has worked in various fields following the completion of his PhD, including managing water research in the Netherlands and working in the software industry as a Technical Sales Consultant and a Sales Manager at Quintiq.

“We believe Kristján Gudmundsson has both the deep technical knowledge as well as a solid understanding of business development and customer needs, which will be extremely valuable when developing the eTactica Energy Monitoring Solution”, says Ína Björk Hannesdóttir, CEO of ReMake Electric.

“I am very excited to have joined ReMake Electric, a young and dynamic company. There is a significant market need for the company’s innovative energy monitoring solutions, and I look forward to help shape their future development,” says Kristján Gudmundsson, CTO of Remake Electric.